Extraordinary team performance in the first leg match by College which, on the PalaCadorna parquet, overcomes Nuova Pallacanestro Messina with a resounding 111 to 82. To access Serie B, therefore, it will be necessary to defend the +29 of the first leg. Now it’s essential not to believe that you have already reached the finish line, but to play with the same mentality as in the first game even in Sicily.

College start is amazing. Messina remains in the wake for a few minutes, then the plays of the Boglio-Ferrari-Okeke trio break the balance. After a quarter the score is surreal, with Airaghi and his teammates ahead 36 to 24, but in the second fraction College doesn’t drop in intensity, which rides some science fiction plays and closes above 20 at the long break, at 61 to 41. In the second half, no the intensity of the white and blue changes, which also touch +39. In the last moments of the match a few too many turnovers and some ingenuity to rebound allow Messina to nibble something, but the victory is important and more than deserved. College closes with an extraordinary 111 to 82, but now, as always in this last month and a half, it resets and we think about the match on Sunday, when Messina College will play for the place in Serie B.