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Modern town, but with a strong historical and cultural identity, Borgomanero presents itself as a balanced synthesis of the variety of landscapes and economic orientations of the area, a meeting place between the more closed local realities and the influence of the major overseas towns. The position of the city is truly excellent: Borgomanero, in fact, lies in the northern strip of the Novara plain (here, there is cereal growing), surrounded, to the east, by the hills of Santa Cristina, San Michele and Maggiate and to the west, from those of Vergano Colombaro and Cureggio. Where, without a doubt, the vineyards are not uncommon.

Lago d’Orta

Lake Orta, with its 13.4 km long and 2.5 wide, is an authentic gem set between the green of the Alps and vast hilly woods. The quiet little cousin of the majestic Lake Maggiore. The shores of the lake are dotted with small picturesque villages, ancient villages and harbors that tell the life of fishermen, once the most numerous inhabitants of Lake Orta. Today, on the other hand, they are the set of modern stories of sport boats and ports, of quality international tourism. Orta is an ideal destination for families, couples looking for a romantic place to relax, sports lovers, and for young and old who love nature and its energy.

Lago Maggiore

Lake Maggiore, with its glimpses of water sheltered and closed to the north by the Alps, with the villages that follow one another incessantly and with the wonderful Borromean Gulf that dominates it, has been over the centuries a place and source of inspiration for writers, artists , musicians and writers from all over Europe who made it the destination, in the 19th century, of the Gran Tour. Maggiore has also acquired considerable political importance over the centuries. In fact, from the mid-1400s the area of ​​the lake was granted as a fiefdom to the noble Milanese Borromeo family, who also chose it as a holiday resort.

Today the towns and cities of Lake Maggiore all have their own specific identity and peculiarities: Arona is a pole of commercial attraction, Stresa has always been a destination for elite tourism, Baveno was once an important spa center and today is a lively holiday resort; Verbania, the provincial capital, presents itself as a tourist hub, on the one hand, and a political-administrative hub on the other, while Cannero Riviera and Cannobio are among the favorite destinations of foreign visitors.


With an altitude of 1,492 meters, Mottarone is a granite mountain that straddles the Maggiore and Orta lakes, between the provinces of Novara and Verbania.

Mottarone. One mountain, seven lakes.

From here the gaze is lost in infinity: with clear skies, the view sweeps from the Maritime Alps to Monviso, from the nearest Monte Rosa massif to the Swiss Alps, up to the Po Valley. A unique scenario just one hour from Milan.


Creative capital of fashion and luxury, Milan is an avant-garde city, very active from an economic and cultural point of view, a reality to be discovered to get to know its hidden treasures among poetic views, Art Nouveau buildings and small architectural pearls ranging from Gothic to Romanesque style, scattered throughout its beautiful and ancient historic center, a reason that drives millions of visitors from all over the world every day to visit the city of charm and glamor.


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