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We believe in the values of sport, we develop them locally and internationally, with a constant growth in numbers and results. Becoming a College Basketball partner means contributing to something big, an investment aimed at young people and their chances of becoming professional athletes.

Investing in the sports image is fruitful and gives great visibility to brands. Doing it for a company like ours, known nationally and internationally, which focuses entirely on the youth sector, only increases the value and visibility of your brand exponentially. LEDs at the sports hall, billboards, match programs, social networks, business to business. There are many ways to support our business, just contact us and then try to build something great together.


Via Luigi Cadorna, 15/A
28021 Borgomanero (NO)

Pala Cadorna

Via Luigi Cadorna, 15
28021 Borgomanero (NO)


+39 3398359775