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The College Family is the foundation of our society. There are many realities that we wanted to involve in our project, not taking away their independence, but on the contrary, enhancing their potential. Local and international tournaments, camps and unique experiences, both on and off the pitch: being part of this family offers everyone the opportunity to compete with the best in Italy and Europe.

The minibasket path coincides with one of the most important moments for the development of boys and girls: at this stage we are convinced that it is essential to live basketball with carefree and passion, starting to develop the first technical and coordination skills.

Precisely for this reason we are proud of the collaborations developed over the years together with friends from Arona Basket and Novara College.


Via Luigi Cadorna, 15/A
28021 Borgomanero (NO)

Pala Cadorna

Via Luigi Cadorna, 15
28021 Borgomanero (NO)

+39 3398359775