College Basketball is pleased to announce that Igor Jovanovic, class 2002 winger of the Dolomiti Energia Basketball Academy, will play the 2021-2022 season in the white and blue jersey. Jovanovic, a very young player with a little more experience than our boys, was able to show off with Dolomiti Energia in the youth championships of Excellence, where he has always played a leading role, and as an aggregate to Serie A.

We are happy to be able to make a graft that doesn’t distort us – says Federico Ferrari, GM of College – I want to thank, on behalf of the whole Club, Apecheronza Basket Avio, a company of the Dolomiti Energia Basketball Academy, for granting us the loan from Igor, undertaking the common project of making him grow further. We’re very honored – continues Ferrari – that a Serie A club has chosen us to give space to this young player on the court. Jovanovic is a talented winger, whom we had already tried for the Youth Sector and who we are now happy to welcome to our Serie B”.