Pala Cadorna – The College Basketball season ’21-22 officially begins. Athletes, technical staff and management come together to give the A to a new exciting adventure: Serie B. To open the dance the words of the General Manager Federico Ferrari: “We must archive what happened a few weeks ago. As beautiful as they are, the emotions of promotion to Serie B must be put aside and we must think about the present, about this new championship that is coming. We have a great challenge: each of US must face the championship with enthusiasm, with great energy and without thinking about judgments coming from outside. Each of US must have strong motivations! We have to work day after day and get ready for the first championship. You have to put sweat, blood and tears … of joy though! We chose this team because we know that each of you guys can do well, everyone can bring their own brick. Everything must pass from work and from respecting each other, only by training and being united can we get what we want ”.

The team then began training by making the first athletic reminders under the orders of the athletic trainer Gabriele Scalise.

We remind you that the first official appointment is set for Wednesday 8 September, for the Super Cup match against Fulgor Basket Omegna.