College struggles, tries to close it several times, but Pizzighettone finds in Foti and Montanari the go-to-guys for the victory. It’s precisely a basket by the young number 7 Montanari with 1” from the end to sanction the final 77 to 75.

Crazy start of the collegiali, who harness the Cremonese offensive and ignite thanks to the inspired Boglio. Okeke closely follows the white-blue guard, but Pizzighettone raises the gears and expresses a good basketball in attack. College suffers tremendously from Montanari’s 1 against 1, but – thanks to the excellent team readings and some plays by De Bartolomeo – the bright scoreboard at the long break says 35 to 39 College. In the second half Pizzighettone, like a few days ago at Cadorna, tries to shake himself. Giubertoni’s men rely on the baskets of Montanari and Gereri, but College responds. Okeke stands out above everyone in the middle of the area, while De Bartolomeo is on fire. +3 College 10′ from the end. Airaghi and his companions seem to be able to close it by extending the advantage to two full possessions, Foti and Bassani, however, respond with heavy points. This is where an exciting and thrilling head-to-head begins: Foti scores again from outside, Gereri follows him and the match seems closed on Pizzighettone +6. De Bartolomeo responds by scoring from three points, Boglio makes two out of two from the line and is only +1 for the hosts. Foti doesn’t tremble on the free of the systematic foul, with Pizzighettone returning to +3. Here, again, everything happens. Throw-in and triple flash from De Bartolomeo’s corner, tie. Over? Unfortunately for College no: with 9”on the clock and no timeout comes the coast-to-coast of Montanari, who leaning on the rim practically achieves the victory basket at the buzzer, 77 to 75 the final. Incredibly balanced series, it goes to Game 3 which will be played on Sunday 20 June at 18:30. A bit of a bitterness in the mouth after the game, but this morning’s wake up call sent us directly to the “in-out” match on Sunday, we can’t wait to put our hearts on the court. We want to win!