Serie C Gold returns to the field tomorrow night against Basket Team Pizzighettone for the second match of the playoff semifinal series. Game one goes to the archive, the victory is the most precious thing there is, but tomorrow night we will play another match in which we restart from 0-0.

Coach Stefano Di Cerbo analyzes the moment: “Surely we’ll have to be able to reset. Race one was not well played, we were off for long stretches of the match, we suffered Pizzighettone’s pace and – we know – we absolutely have to keep up with our pace, but objectively the result counted and we managed to make it ours. Now comes game 2 and it will be a different game, I’m sure they will play with even more competitive spirit. We will have to be good at staying focused, recovering all the energies, physical and nervous, to play our basketball also on Wednesday. These are the playoffs – concludes the coach -, to be experienced one match at a time, we are learning to do it“.

And then we just have to remember the appointment: Wednesday 16 June, 9.00 pm, in Pizzighettone the second act of the series.