Win of substance for the C Gold of College Basketball, which on the court of PalaCadorna wins 76 to 65 against Collegno, a young team that has been able to fight until the end.

The start is all for the Turinese: College doesn’t shoot very well and Collegno stretches at 5-0. At the first break, the biancoblu team responded promptly, shortening and, after 7 to 7 of the fifth minute, flying away. Coach Stefano Di Cerbo’s guys defend perfectly on the pick and roll, put the right energy in rebounds and run with order in transition with a couple of dunks that ignite the game: 21 to 9 to 10 ‘. At the opening of the second quarter comes the reaction of Collegno, capable of signing a lethal 6 to 0 break. The pace imposed by the collegiali, however, is unsustainable for Collegno, who doesn’t find space in College physical defense. At the long break it is 42 to 22 College. In the second half, Collegno gradually gains confidence: the guests alternate between zone and man defense, College hurries up a few shots and sees itself sucked in. The Grenades come back the double-digit disadvantage, but De Bartolomeo (26) first, Ghigo (3) and Loro (8) then, give a new breath of energy to the collegiali. In the last minutes, the management of the advantage by College is positive, which administers and closes at 76 to 65, hitting the second success in as many games played.

Thursday evening we return to the field, in Biella, for the recovery of the first turn, while on Sunday Airaghi and the guys will go to Turin to face Gymnastics.


(21-9; 42-22; 56-47)

College: Giustina NE, Piscetta, Mauri NE, Ferrari 10, Okeke 2, De Bartolomeo 26, Boglio 10, Attademo 3, Airaghi 14, Loro 8, Ghigo 3, Lanza NE. All Di Cerbo