Enthusiasm. Grit. Freshness. Desire to win. Want to never give up. Union. Passion. These are some of the ingredients of last night’s College Basketball success. Airaghi and his teammates – in a magical atmosphere, the result above all of the union of the team – win 80 to 58 in the return match with Legnano Basket Knights, overturning the -17 first leg and accessing the playoff semifinal, where the biancoblu will face Pizzighettone. The start is all for College, which gets carried away by the enthusiasm of the environment by denying the red and white the way to the basket for several minutes. Coach Di Cerbo’s boys miss a few too many shots, both from the line and from the court, but manage to lead in a rather convincing way. In the second half the hosts even touch +11, but Legnano responds with Fasani and at the long break the teams go to the locker room on 39 to 31 College. In the second half, the defensive bar of the collegiate players rises further, playing at crazy rhythms working alongside Legnano, clinging to the plays of the timeless Benzoni and Santambrogio. Legnano arrives at -6, but then it is Attademo and Loro who open fire from beyond the three-point arc. In the last fraction Ferrari scores some incredible baskets, Okeke dominates in the middle of the area and Boglio brings tranquility in attack up to the final 80 to 58.

A great win that gives confidence to the group. A few hours of celebration, but now it’s time to reset and think about the second round: College will face Pizzighettone.


(20-11; 39-11; 63-49)

College: Manto, Piscetta, Mauri NE, Ferrari 16, Giustina NE, Loro 5, Okeke 22, Boglio 19, Attademo 3, Airaghi, Ghigo 5, De Bartolomeo 10. All Stefano Di Cerbo