With the term bullying we mean a form of social behavior of a violent and intentional type and repeated over time, expressed in both physical and psychological form. It’s not bullying, however, the simple quarrel between peers and not even the single episode of wrangle between students. Unfortunately, this alarming growing phenomenon, especially in its cyber form, often finds space in sports too. The difference, in this case, is made by the club, how much it itself is capable of embodying the healthy values ​​of sport, and how much attention it places on the personal growth of the young person by promoting an attitude towards healthy competition and the spirit of belonging. A sensitive club centered on the development of young athletes is concerned, first of all, with maintaining an adequate climate to live sporting activity serenely without false values ​​or prevarications of any kind.

Riccardo Parrini – Mental coach College Basketball

This is the spirit embodied by College Basketball!