College Basketball is keen to greet and thank Cristian De Bartolomeo.

The player, in fact, will not be part of the Serie B team for the 2021-2022 season, but the whole club is keen to thank him and wish him a great good luck for his future, on and off the pitch.

Federico Ferrari, DG of College, says: “We thank Cristian, who – besides being an excellent player – is a super person! We asked him for a hand to win and he gave it to us; we asked him for help to grow our kids and give them a winning mentality, and he did it very well. “Deba” deserves to play in a Serie B team, but our philosophy of leaving room for the young people of our nursery pushes us to make this choice, which takes precedence over sentiment. We wish him the best and rich satisfaction, both on and off the playing field”.

This is the thought of De Bartolomeo: “I am very happy with the vintage it has been. It was my first real victory, I experienced very exciting moments that I hope to be able to replicate as early as next season. I was very pleased to work in a professional environment with a qualified staff like that of College, as well as playing with very young guys whose future is certainly bright. I will always carry this experience with me!